1. Why Buy Laminate Flooring For Your Seattle Home?

    Are you bored with the flooring in your Seattle-area home? Have you been waiting for the kids to go off to college, so you could finally replace that worn-out wood or carpeted flooring with the stylish alternative you’ve always wanted? You should know that the flooring industry has changed a lot in recent years, with more eco-friendly and economical options than ever. Whether you’re working wi…Read More

  2. Which Paint Sheen Is Best For Interior Rooms?

    Surprised to see a blog about home painting on the Seattle Flooring Company website? You shouldn’t be! We strive to be your trusted source for home improvement projects of all shapes and sizes. In addition to comprehensive flooring installation services, we also occasionally provide interior and exterior painting service and the installation of millwork and cabinets. Painting an interior room is…Read More

  3. 3 Common DIY Carpet Mistakes We Don’t Want You To Make

    Have you decided that a room or two of your home would be nicer with carpeting? Hardwood and laminate flooring is all the rage, but in certain rooms of the house, it’s still nice to sink your toes into the soft fibers of wall-to-wall carpeting. On the surface, carpeting installation seems simple: you buy the right size and width, you clear out the room, unroll the carpeting, and tack it down. Vo…Read More

  4. Should You Choose Wood Flooring For Your Home?

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  5. Welcome To The Seattle Flooring Company Blog!

    While flooring may not seem very exciting to the average person, it’s been our passion for many years. We believe that flooring, more than any other element of a home or commercial space, has the ability to communicate the mood that a space will embody for many years to come. Here at Seattle Flooring Company in Edgewood, we hope you’ll think of us as your neighbors who just happen to be floori…Read More